2nd SADAC youth forum poem


ARISE SADC My beauty is

tainted It is like

smashed makeup on a rainy day My face is messy My soul is weary My heart is torn asunder It is bleeding Tears are my

daily feast I’m antagonized Daily I weep for

the child of my womb, SADC … Oh! SADC I’m maamaa

Southern When you do not

access education, It’s a slap on my face! When you are

ravaged with sickness and diseases, Oooohhh!! (A

heavy sigh) It is a stab in

my heart When your human

rights are violated! It’s a birthing

in frozen waters Seeing millions and millions of young people

unemployed! Yet Pregnant with

innovation, Pregnant with

knowledge, Pregnant with

talents, But DENIED But DENIED

I am bountiful

with resources, land, water, gold, diamond, oil SADC you can

suckle from my bosom to your heart’s content I am bounty

I Mama Southern

demand corruption to be annihilated Corruption leave

our courts! Corruption, you

snake leave our garden! I command you to

leave our garden! It is a command! It is a command! Corruption leave

our garden!

There’s a new

sound (ULLULATION, AND A SOUND) It is a new era The narrative is

changing There’s an army rising It’s the

youth They are clothed

in righteousness and uprightness. On their tongues

is the law of wisdom, innovation, knowledge and love. Their faces are

of lions, they are unstoppable, They are rooted

in the truth They continue to

make a sound And chains are

breaking, Poverty….! Break Social injustice….!

Break Economic

disparities…! Break Sickness and

disease…! Break The chains have

fallen (Ululations *6)

It’s a new era Hope is risen It is done Love shall bind

SADC Love shall bind

SADC (Ululation*10)

SADC neighbours

are perplexed Journalists lose

sleep Awe struck in wonder! What is that

sound in SADC? It reaches to

the 4 corners of the earth It is a sweet

melody Soothing to a

wounded heart It is a sound of

peace (Hymn) SADC is marching

over to a land of harmony and unity The new slogan

is “I love my

neighbor as I love myself” Lesotho shall

say “I love Tanzania” South Africa

shall say “I love Zimbabwe as I love myself”

It is a new day It is a new hour It is a new

revelation It is a new


Arise and shine

SADC Your time has

come Though darkness

covers the earth The glory of God

is risen upon you

Open your eyes

and see Put on a

microscopic eye There are paths

in the wilderness Rivers are flowing

in the deserts

Freedom is your

name No longer are

you a slave to fear, hopelessness, and despair It’s time to

celebrate United we shall

stand Build a

beautiful SADC for all

By Relebohile Lefojane
This poem was recited on the SADC youth forum closing and opening on the 12th and 14th August 2020